“Sometimes you get lucky and find a soul that grooves with yours.”

“Sometimes you get lucky and find a soul that grooves with yours.”

It was through a beautiful and organic connection that Sheri Cowan and Jenn Marion began their journey together collaborating to empower women. What lights up this dynamic duo is to deliver a heartfelt education that demonstrates how authentic personal style can remarkably enhance a woman’s quality of life when she learns how to connect it to her CORE. Sheri and Jenn share their infectious energy as they show women how to create harmony between what’s on the inside and how that is reflected on the outside.

We Empower

We Raise Confidence

We Reduce Stress

We Raise Credibility

We Restore Time

We Deliver ROI

We Return Joy

Sheri Cowan

After 15 years in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and hair color educator, Sheri realized there was a reason her clients were booking 18 months in advance. She was delivering amazing looks to her clients based on three simple ideas: their face shape, their unique coloring, and their personal style. Her passion for understanding a client’s lifestyle and personality also helped deliver a look they could easily recreate at home. She was absolutely committed to her clients being able to stay true to themselves AND look fantastic at the same time. This type of personalization gave Sheri an edge on many others in the industry.

It was then the brilliant idea was presented to her, “Why not take those three simple tools and use them for wardrobing?” It was a no-brainer decision because of her passion for lifelong learning. Sheri received her certification from New York’s, Fashion Institute of Technology in Image Consulting. With the science behind that creative flare, she has been delivering head-to-toe image for over 10 years now and knows this is her life’s work. Her message is simple: “No room for judgement here- it’s all about compassion, humor and the dedication to simplifying the task of getting dressed every day, looking and feeling good, which ultimately raises confidence and credibility. To be able to reduce stress, restore time and deliver return on investment while doing so… well, that’s just icing on the cake for all of us.”

Her love of education made it a natural fit for Sheri to create an At The Core workshop series for the corporate world, as well as universities who are delivering the next generation of professionals. Her vast expertise, affection for aligning an individual’s personal style to a company’s brand, understanding of professional presence, love for empowering others mixed with her quick wit make her a crowd favorite.

Jenn Marion
Core Style Specialist

Jenn Marion’s passion is helping people discover and embrace their best selves. As a business owner of 18 years, she has a long history of mentoring women and her greatest reward has been to see them flourish and be successful in their lives. Her education both at FIT and with her clients has been instrumental in her ability to educate women on what will make them feel amazing and pulled together whether they have an important business event or just a casual day out. Intrinsically she knows that when women can discover and embrace the beauty and uniqueness of their inner and outer qualities then they can dress in a manner that mirrors their essence by uniting the two. Through her supportive and uplifting manner in which she engages with her clients the process feels empowering, encouraging and gentle all at the same time.

Always True. Always You.

Are you busy? Is your closet overwhelming to you? Does shopping for new outfits give you anxiety?