Living in the heightened pace of today’s world, are you…

Starved for time?

Struggling to get dressed in the morning?

Tired of a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear?

Stressed trying to find items to fit your unique shape?

Overspending on your wardrobe and still not happy?

We believe you deserve more time, less stress, greater confidence and a wardrobe that feels like you, fits like you and works in your budget.

Always True. Always You.

Have you ever bought clothing that didn’t feel like you? Are there pieces in your closet that you continually put on and take off and you’re unsure why they don’t quite work for you?

This consultation will determine your authentic personal style, your unique shape, begin the color conversation and map your lifestyle. You will learn how to make the best choices for you and how to use accessories to quickly project your unique and authentic style. Finally, we will discuss how to customize our services to maximize your budget.

Shining Through

Do you ever wonder why some days you receive more compliments than others? Bring out your brilliance by discovering your organic palate.  When you are in the colors you are born to wear, you shine like no other! This color consult leaves you with the knowledge of tones, brightness and shades that bring out the best in you.

Let’s Hang

Have you ever stood staring at your closet full of clothes and said, “I have nothing to wear”? Welcome to the judgement free zone! With this closet evaluation we will walk you through a gentle process to help you understand why some of your pieces are working well and assess why some are not. We will review what will stay, what will require alteration and what may need to be let go based on what we’ve discovered about your authentic style, your unique shape and your best colors. A list will be constructed of those items that are necessary to complete your wardrobe and create versatility within your closet. This will ensure that you will find the event of getting dressed every day much easier, less time consuming and significantly less stressful.

Pretty Woman Experience

Would you find relief leaving the overwhelming process of combing the racks to the experts? Perfect we will help you put all the puzzle pieces together that go along with finding the right items for your style, shape and coloring. Here’s what we do! We will pre shop your list for you and choose the best pieces that work with your wonderfully unique attributes and your specified budget. On the day of your shop you will step into a dressing area with only those items that would be best for you and work seamlessly within your existing wardrobe. We handle running for size and color changes, working with the store associates on the transaction details to ensure a stress free experience for you to find joy in. Our goal is to send you home with the complete list fulfilled so you have all you need to transform your closet from “I have nothing to wear” to “I’m so excited I have lots of choices to get dressed with ease.”

Steppin’ Out

Ever felt like you have everything you need but you just don’t know how to pull it all together? You are not alone. In this customized outfit designing session we help to work with your new and existing pieces within your wardrobe. We will step into your closet and create 20-25 outfits, photograph them and deliver a beautiful customized look book for you to have at your fingertips. No more struggling trying to remember which combination worked so well last week, when you will be able to flip through your look book and see all your great options.

Get Decked

Do you find yourself at a loss with regards to accessorizing and continue to put the same pieces on over and over again to play it safe? Often times a little change up with accessorizing can take an outfit in a completely different direction. We’ll show you how to take the same dress from a daytime to an evening look. During this time spent together we will educate you on how these beautiful details can be tremendously impactful within your wardrobe and increase the versatility of so many of your pieces. This is the service that will wrap it all up with a beautiful bow.

Don't Be Shy

Let’s get to know each other.